2 36v batteries in parallel diode help


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Jan 11, 2023
Hey guys! New member here I had tried searching without much luck. I want to run 2 36v batteries in parallel for a 500w hub motor each battery has its own bms and will charge separately. I know it's recommended for some sort of a blocking circuit. Can anyone recommend which diode setup to run? I found bunch on Amazon and can wiring them up but I am not sure if they are the best application. I am very familiar with diy wiring and soldering.

I prefer to use a parallel battery device to avoid wiring and prevent battery damage from unequal voltages, check out Eunorau’s or SparkCycleWorks.
When running parallel batteries "AH" rating should be the same or they will keep equalizing, But a pair of 50 Amp diodes in the battery leads should cover it