18650 for 48v ebike - what amps per cell needed?


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May 31, 2021
This is my first post here. New to ebikes. I'm a total beginner.

I am wanting to build a 48v battery pack for a 1000watt ebike kit from 18650s
I would like to have a range of at least 20 miles. My riding style is casual pavement use only.
I'm not sure yet how many will be in parallel and how many in series. But I'm thinking around 60 cells total.

But I'm pretty sure each battery must be able to carry a certain amount of amps current and I'm wonder what that minimum per cell would be or how to calculate it so that I can buy cells that are adequate. I was under the impression that if I use 3A cells, once in parallel the amperage of the pack will increase so if I use 5 of the 3A cells I would get the 15A that I need? Or does each cell need to be a 15A cell? I'm just not sure how it works yet.

I found this in the Battery Building information section and so I think it means that I should get batteries capable of delivering 15A ?

For high amps and good range, I like the 30Q which provides 3000-mAh, and 15A. If you want 20A per cell, check out the Sony VTC6, LG HG2, and Samsung 25R
If your pack is big enough that you don’t need the high amps of the 30Q, you can get more range by choosing one of the popular 10A cells, which are generally rated at around 3400-mAh

Also, how much can I expect a 48v pack to cost all total?
I will do a lot more research and learn more before I begin.
Thanks for any advice
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