18650 Ebike Battery Cell Voltage (V) & Cell Capacity (Ah/Wh)


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Jun 16, 2018
Ebike Battery Cell Voltage

The nominal or average Voltage of one cell is about 3.6V or 3.7V. The maximum charge is 4.2V, and they can be drained to 3.0V. As you use them, the voltage will go from high to low as the battery produces current, but it’s best to keep them between 3.1V and 4.1V.

Ebike Battery Cell Capacity

Ebike battery cells have a capacity rated in Amp hours (Ah) or Watt hours (Wh). Normal capacities are currently about 2.6-3.5 Ah. In 2019 any cell rating above 3.5Ah is a lie. Cells also have a MDC (maximum discharge current) which means the cell can produce that many Amps without overheating. This is very important because when li-ion cells overheat they can catch fire and explode. Normal MDC is 5-20A. This is sometimes expressed as a C-rate which is how quickly the entire capacity can be discharged. A 3Ah cell with a C-rate of 2 can run at 6A.