10ft long throttle cable?

Maz Shaw

New member
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1:31 PM
Sep 23, 2021
Hello everyone.

I'm currently upgrading a unique cargo tricycle and, because of the application, have realised I'll need approximately 10ft of wiring to connect the throttle to the controller.

I'm looking around online in the hopes of finding something ready-made and I thought I'd ask here in case I don't find anything.


Cheers, and have a safe ride, Maz.
The throttle cable is typically three wires. You didn't mention the connector but I have found most to be a 3pin JST-SM connector - either male or female. I have had good success using three wire LED lighting cables on a ebike project I am working on - many times you can get them with M-F on opposite ends which work great for most applications like this. Just make sure you match the wire gauge - I've found these to be either 22awg or 24awg.

Something like this... or this

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