$1,799 500w full suspension ebike!!!!


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Jul 26, 2020
It even comes with a handlebar mounted "high quality beverage holder" so you can easily hold your Pepsi!!!

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The X-treme rocky road fat tire electric bike comes with everything Aluminum - every bolt, every nut, every spoke. That means no rust! at all.

Sounds a little sketchy...
Dude, it's been tested. So, nothing to worry about :rolleyes:

"It has been*tested climbing a 5-7% mountain grade continuously for 45 minutes at 18 mph while having to slow down for hair pin turns."
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"8. Speed 25 MPH* On Throttle Only (Much Faster If You Pedal Assist 45+ MPH)"

Yeah perfectly legal in county parks and multi use trails. :rolleyes:
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I can think of lots of places where it would be fine in my neck of the woods.

Frigging aluminum nuts, bolts and spokes = super short lifespan though, I'm sure.
That's why the kickstand is included. Can't spill that ice cold beverage.
For $1800 if thats usd, I would buy a direct drive motor, mxus 3kw with adaptto controller, and a used full suspension brand name bike like Specialized or Rocky Mountain. Just a couple years old is all.