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    Shimano steps frozen display? YT Decoy

    Hello, I’m having an issue with the shimano steps display on my YT Decoy e-bike - the display is frozen. The bike wont turn on or off. I have tried disconnecting the battery and taking out the leads. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    First Trip with YT Decoy

    Just got back from a trip to Dixie National Forest with new YT Decoy Pro Race. I am totally in love. We did Bunker Creek at Brian's Head. Thunder Mountain near Bryce. Did the Navajo Lake Loop in both directions and parts of the Virgin River Rim Trail. A lot of people riding eMTB's out there and...
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    YT Decoy 29 Initial ride impressions / Review

    Just took delivery of a YT Decoy 29 base model. Initial impressions: Very easy to set up. Got the bike delivered around 11:30, by 2:30 I was riding. I'm impressed with the tools that are included with the YT. A shock pump, torque allen multi tool, and several extras like battery powered...
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    YT decoy snapped cable on SHIMANO STEPS E7000 - Left Switch Unit

    These apear to be more fragile than I thought, can’t even think when it must have happened, I’ve just changed the handlebars and was real careful. I’ve ordered a replacement unit, my question(s) are; Anyone else had issues with cables snapping, its snapped close to where it exits the...
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    YT Decoy Water bottles in stock NOW.

    Just ordered one, $40 cheek cutting bucks. Ouch!
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    True Weight of the YT XL Decoy Pro Race EMTB

    Proof is on the scale. 4# heavier than the Levo. We’ll see if that’s hugely noticeable on the trail. I’ve been plagued with rain!
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    YT Decoy CFPRO owners, how are you liking the E7000 push button shifters?

    Are they easy, or not feeling natural?