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    Tern GSD - A cargo ebike that I think everyone can get behind

    Nice review of the Tern utility bike, it's a sweet rig. If you've never ridden a Tern, they ride like big bikes, pack up like a clown bike. https://medium.bikehugger.com/48-hours-with-the-tern-gsd-9e0ca5a89f99
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    Tern Cargo Bike

    Might not generate much interest here, but one of the most impressive bikes at Interbike was a Tern mid-drive cargo bike that rode beautifully and could be stored or taken on an elevator in an upright configuration taking up very little space. I didn't see this, but someone said a very...
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    Tern eLink D7i Electric Bicycle Review

    ebikesforum submitted a new resource: Tern eLink D7i Electric Bicycle Review - Foldable Electric Bike Read more about this resource...