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    Shimano E8000 mode switch change

    My Commencal Meta Power is coming soon and I was wondering if the Di2 style mode switch can be changed to the E6000 button style switch? I asked Shimano but no answer yet. While the Di2 switch looks good at first I think it's kind of overkill for changing the three modes. My main problem is that...
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    Can you run an absolute black oval chainring on E8000?

    Is this possible? Anyone try?
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    Shimano STEPS battery levels indicators are different on Pivot Shuttle

    I have the Pivot Shuttle with the Shimano STEPS E8000 battery and computer. At the end of my last bike ride the computer had one red battery light remaining but the battery lights on the battery had two green left. Have any of you had this happen to you? Which one is correct???
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    Chinese Carbon or (Titanium) Frames - Shimano Steps E8000 I see that we can order a china direct, full suspension, carbon, 27.5 x 3.0 cool What do you think, anybody try one? It says they use Shimano E8000 motor and E8010 battery. Anyone think the Shimano system would be more reliable that most...
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    Shimano E-steps

    Not sure if a thread regarding this or not, but if any of you, or your wives own a bike with Shimano e-steps, and there is play in the BB, you will have to replace the entire motor, not just the BB. The BB is NOT serviceable/replaceable like on Bosch systems. The good news is, Shimano will...
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    Shimano STEPS e8000 short crank options?

    What's available for Shimano steps that isn't the FC-E8000 and FC-E8050 that's 150 to 165mm long? I see that Shimano has 165 lengths made, but finding a source for them seems to be difficult. I looked at a FC-E8000 and I have doubts that it can be shortened, since the pocket on the back goes...
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    Shimano E8000 eco mode issue?

    Hey anyone running the E8000, I've run into an issue with my motor and was wondering if anyone else has seen this. What is happening is that when in Eco mode my assist will not fully come online, the gauge will only show a level of assist across the bottom of the gauge and won't display assist...