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  1. J

    Custom Build - SIKK SS Aluminum Fat Cruiser

    Doing my first custom build. Bike I chose is a SIKK SS Aluminum Fat Tire Cuiser. I'm about 90% complete with the build. Waiting on some cable covers, a downtube fender from Mucky Nutz (hiding the wires from the motor behind it), an offset chain ring, and custom battery case. The battery itself...
  2. sikk ultra wolf ebike motor.jpg

    sikk ultra wolf ebike motor.jpg

  3. Jim

    Which motor for Sikk Bike?

    The Sikk bike website doesn't give any info with their conversion kit. Does anyone know which Bafang motor and battery would be best for the UFO 7 speed XL bike? Just trying to find something fairly simple with some decent power- it’s an enormous bike, and I’m a reasonably big guy. The bottom...