riese & muller

  1. L

    Riese and muller supercharger gt dual

    Hello everyone. Been lurking here long time and have decided on a riese and muller supercharger gt dual battery rolhoff hub. It's a 2018 model. Approx 350km. What would be a good offer ? Thanks in advance
  2. B

    Riese & Muller SuperCharger Bar Ends

    Would like to add bar ends to above the up and over ones rather than the short stubby ones, but it seems there are different sizes S M L. Has anyone done this ?
  3. J

    For sale. 2022 Riese and Muller Homage.

    I'm selling a brand new never ridden Homage. It's a 49cm with rolhoff hub, duel 650 batteries, gx and comfort option, dropper post, Nyon hub. I decided I want the Superdelite. Will ship inside USA. Great price at $10500. Wait times for ordering is 8 months. Call fiv one fiv 2 zero 8 2...
  4. aaronhamlin

    Bike Lock & Security - Enthusiast & Soon-To-Be Riese & Muller E-Bike Owner

    I just made my order for an e-bike after researching what seems to be forever. I got the R&M Superdelite for my travels in Chicago. This will be my only vehicle (other than the bus or train). As many are quick to point out, this bike is expensive—though a fraction of the cost of many cars and...