1. P

    How do I raise up the gooseneck on a Ride1up Rift bike

    Do I just loosen the bolt in the handlebar riser to loosen it up to raise it? Does that beauty ring around it need to move as well? I want to raise it up a few inches
  2. Smaug

    Deal-spotting: RIDE1UP PRODIGY @ $1300

    This is a screamin' deal for a mid-drive bike from a quality company. They're blowing them out because the v2s are here. $600 off, probably selling them at cost. https://ride1up.com/product/prodigy/
  3. DesertRaven

    Ride1Up Revv1 - Charcoal

    I'm in the Antelope Valley in California (Lancaster, Palmdale, Rosamond, Mojave, Edwards AFB). I'm really enjoying my bike. I have the Dual Battery Mod (second battery in the storage cage), mirrors, phone holder with USB Cable, Slimed my tires, off-road enabled, and I have the Rack/Handle...
  4. W

    Front suspension recommendation for Ride1up ST Prodigy V1.

    I am looking to replace the fork on my Ride1up ST. The bike is used mostly on the road with some trail riding so I don't need anything extreme. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. biggercanoe

    Ride1Up Revv1 DRT

    A new variant of the Revv1 has appeared! At first glance it seems to have different wheels, frame, headlight, shock and seat....and price. https://ride1up.com/product/revv-1/ https://electrek.co/2024/05/14/ride1up-revv1-drt-unveiled-as-high-performance-off-road-electric-bike/
  6. J

    Parting out Ride1 up 700

    I'm selling my Ride1 up 700 for parts 559 miles Front wheel + tire/rotor as a unit Rear wheel, motor, tire/rotor as a unit Controller/screen Headlight/brakelight Battery Cargo rack and straps (1" scrape) Brake Calipers Assorted nuts bolts gaskets clamps bell etc Handlebar Send me an offer...
  7. Smaug

    Ride1Up Portola Thread

    I just ordered one yesterday, thinking I'll take it on a road trip vacation to CO with my daughter (12) this summer. It'll accompany my Lectric XP Lite in the back of my Honda CR-V: {LINK} I hope to have it by the end of the week. I shopped it hard against the Lectric XP 3.0, and went with...
  8. tompson7

    ride one up v2 roadster extra battery

    can one use a after market 36v7ah battery and if so what else would I need..as in connectors? thanks
  9. "A"

    Ride1Up CF Racer1 is a 27lb Carbon Gravel eBike for just $2,295?

    Ride1Up CF Racer1 is a 27lb Carbon Gravel eBike for just $2,295? https://bikerumor.com/ride1up-cf-racer1-27lb-carbon-gravel-ebike-affordable/
  10. DSal

    Help Buying New Ebike

    Hello! I'm looking for some guidance and suggest as to which ebike I should buy. I'm male, 5'9 and roughly 220 lbs. I'm looking for an ebike that will mostly be roads/commute. Some trails would be nice, but won't be the reason for buying. I would like a powerful ebike, maybe even with throttle...
  11. D

    Replacement wheel and hub motor for Ride1Up Roadster Ghost

    Hello. I'm new to the e-bike world and need some help. My son gave me a Ride1Up e-bike the he got when he bought a abandoned storage locker. It is one of their early edition Roadster Ghost models. For some reason the axle and hub motor spun in the frame and twisted the wire loom. The motor...
  12. R

    Highboy P7 or Ride1up Core 5

    Trying to decide between the Highboy P7 or the Ride1up Core 5. Trying to stay around the $1000 range. What do you guys think?
  13. R

    Ride1Up Core5 versus Juiced Crosscurrent S2

    Hi you all, first time poster here. I'm looking into buying my first e-bike real soon, and I've narrowed it down to the Ride1Up Core 5 and Juiced Crosscurrent S. I've read many reviews and I think these two bikes offer the most value for the money. The most important things to me in a e-bike are...
  14. A

    Just ordered eBike #2...Ride1Up Roadster V2

    Hi there. Bike #2 is on the way. Bike #1 is an Aventon Aventure. It's a fine bike for recreational riding here in the California Wine Country, but it is a huge and heavy beast to transport long distances, even with a pickup truck. Part of the time I care for an elderly parent who lives in...
  15. J

    Ride1up 700 series Compatible Tires, I need your info

    Hi all , I have a ride1up 700series with 27.5 ×2.4 tires. I'm curious if I can use the 2.4 on the new bike I ordered that is 27.5 ×2.8. Any info much appreciated.
  16. J

    Pedals for Ride1UP 700 series?

    Hi all, I'm having a small creak in my pedals and looking to replace. I'm on a ride1up 700series but I'm 215 or so and can put quite a bit of pressure on them. Looking for recommendations these are just 15$ wellgo's.
  17. J

    Hey yall - just got a ride1up 700series

    I'm JP , I recently bought a new e-bike and I love riding looking forward to learning whatever i can
  18. "A"

    Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser

    Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser review: Affordable & stylish 28 MPH electric bike for one or two riders: https://electrek.co/2022/04/27/ride1up-cafe-cruiser-review-affordable-stylish-28-mph-electric-bike-for-one-or-two-riders/
  19. dhdallas

    My new Ride1Up 700 ST

    I just got our new 700 Step Thru today and couldn't be more pleased. The shipping container & bicycle arrived in perfect condition. The bike was expertly and safely packaged which is more than I can say about my Sondors MadMods. Its box was beat up & torn, parts were missing & broken. The fork...
  20. bongo65

    Ride1Up controller codes

    Anyone have a list of error codes for the Ride 1 Up LMTD