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    Adding a volt meter to the Rad Rover battery?

    Does anyone know, is the charge port a good place to tap a volt meter on a Rad Rover battery. My other thought is at the headlight power cables may work, then you could just turn on the headlight to check voltage. Unless the voltage is stepped down at the headlight possible to usb 5v. I will...
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    RadRover Fat tire bike

    Anyone on here have a RadRover electric fat tire bike? I have my Mongoose Beast (That I love) as a "hood" bike to just roam around the neighborhood with, to the buddies house down the street for an afternoon hang out, yada yada. As a nature lover I'm itching to get back out into the woods and...
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    Radrover 5 Electric fat bike reviews and opinions

    Hello, Does anyone know if the Radrover 5 is a good electric bike?? I'm not a bike pro, but is it good for off road riding? https://radpowerbikes.ca/products/radrover-electric-fat-bike Thanks!
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    Rad Power Rad Rover Replacement Battery 2016-17 Radrover eBike

    Rad rover says they were going to make a spare replacement battery for the 2016 -2017 models but I can't find it. Does anyone know where I can get one of these batteries?