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    Vibration on the pedals when the motor is turned on - Panasonic GX Ultimate

    Hey, for the first time in my life I bought an electric bike with a panasonic gx ultimate motor. However, I have a problem, when the motor assist is on, when I pedal I feel vibrations under my feet, on the pedals. When I switch the power steering to OFF mode the vibration goes away. This would...
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    Reviseren Panasonic motor

    De tandwielen in de motor van mijn Panasonic ebike type NUA117RA uit 2013 zijn versleten. Het is een 36 V motor 250 W. Nu ben ik op zoek naar een nieuwe motor of een complete revisieset voor de oude motor. Weet iemand waar ik dit kan vinden want op internet kom ik er niet uit.
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    Panasonic Mid-Drive motor

    Another high end mid-drive is joining the eMTB market. I knew Panasonic made a lot of hub drive commuters that are sold in Asia, but I did not know they have a mid-drive.
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    Panasonic 26V charger question

    Hi, I need a Panasonic 26V charger for my battery, however they cost like 250EUR which is almost as much as a new battery. I like the batteries as they have a decent capacity for the price you pay. Why are these chargers so much more than the standard XLR connectors chragers that most other...