1. H

    fitting a BBSO2 to a Norco Fluid

    I recently bought a new 2023 Norco Fluid hardtail. It's a mid level 29 er. It's reasonably spec'ed out with hydraulic brakes and has a dropper seat post which I find very useful. Rear 12 speed 12 - 52 gearing. The bike shop installed a rear rack that was going to hold one of my rack mount 48V...
  2. Textanker

    For Sale 2020 Norco Sight VLT C2 29 Medium E-Bike Full Suspension - $3900 will ship

    2020 Norco Sight VLT C2 29 Medium E-Bike Full Suspension Incredible E-Bike. Has a few dings. Carbon Fiber frame, Shimano XT, Shimano STEPS E8000 Medium. Tires have a lot of life left on them. Also have the Bada## Box that disables the speed limiter. I can exceed 19mph. I love this bike, but I...
  3. L

    Norco Sight VLT

    Anyone on here ride a Sight VLT, I just got mine and had some issues trying to get it charging, the manuals that came with the bike were no help at all. The manual for the bike has instructions for a Bosch motor instead of the Shimano. The Shimano manual has instructions for a removable battery...
  4. P

    For sale: 2015 Norco Bigfoot Electric Fat Bike

    Am currently selling my 2015 Norco Bigfoot Electric Fat Bike medium Frame. I have used it couple of times but its still looks brand new am selling it out because of some little financial challenges Am asking $900 shipped