1. G

    Merida espresso 600 battery cover.

    I have just bought a merida espresso 600 and the batter cover keeps randomly opening when I ride. I spoke to the dealer who said it is a common problem with merida bikes and just to strap it up. I'd this true, I spend $5700.00 on a new bike and have to accept a common problem. Anyone else...
  2. jonrob

    Motor Noise Merida E8000?

    Hi John From Australia I have three e mtbs,Merida E8000 160 carbon,Merida E5000 Alloy frame and Bulls E Core evo Am1 twin core the e160 has 9500ks the E5000 has 4500ks and the Bulls has 550ks.all with same motor E8000 Shimano and bothe Meridas have half the motor noise of the Bulls E Core...
  3. Jayshot

    Merida e400 four derailleur slipping, 550 km.

    Hi everyone, I own a merida e400 four, Just recently the lowest gear 12 i believe is slipping and clunking, I have tried to sort out myself and had a twiddle with the derailleur screws but seems to be getting worse, Any help would be nice, Farnham.
  4. banj911

    Shimano E6100 Motor noises, clunking and whirring, Merida Espresso e500

    My Shimano e6100 equipped Merida has barely reached 200km total and started making a clicking/clunking noise. The noise was only apparent when the motor was providing assistance, and noisier as the torque applied to the pedals increased. I shot a video of the issue and during the recording the...
  5. S

    Shimano switch SW-E7000-L on Merida does not switch modes

    Shimano switch SW-E7000-L on Merida does not switch modes. I did an upgrade on the firmware, but I am not sure if it did not work before, this is a new bike. Has any one experienced this problem?
  6. S

    Merida Full suspension Ebike with Bafang Questions

    Are there issues fitting mid mount drives to full suspension mtb bikes, given that the rear suspension operates inside the frame space? I'm looking at buying a Merida XT edition full suspension mountain bike to fit a Bafang motor kit on.
  7. R

    Merida e160 900e Brake Upgrade

    Hi gang ... just bought Meself a Merida e160 900e what a beast of a bike ... just a quick one .... I wana bling it up a bit and thinking the hope floating rotors will they fit my saint brakes ??? There’s conflicting people saying yes ... no ... u gotta do this or that , can anyone help out ...
  8. R

    New to E mountain biking with Merida 160 900E

    Hi all, I am from New Zealand and have just bought a Merida 160 900E mountain bike a couple of weeks ago, and mostly loving it. I do get a bit frustrated with the 32 km/ hr ( 20 mph ) assist cut out on flat ground though. In New Zealand there is currently no speed limit for E mountain bikes with...
  9. A

    Help needed, deciding between a Merida or Levo Comp

    I am looking at buying an E bike to add to my other bike collection, but cant decide between the new Merida E One Sixty or a Levo comp . I would like some input from other that may have ridden one of these bikes. My 2 cents worth below, keeping in mind I am yet to ride either one. Merida Top...
  10. K

    Merida e mountain bike?

    anyone know this bike? a guy I ride with just told me he bought one and will be riding it with the group Monday . I know the manufacturer but have never seen an e mountain bike they make before. I have a specialised 2018 comp carbon fsr & enjoy it.
  11. D

    Merida eone-sixty 900

    I've really got the bug to add one of these to the stable but Merida doesn't sell in the US. I've even tried some UK shops and they say they're sold out. Does anyone actually have one of these? Where did you get it? Feedback?