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    Merida e160 900e Brake Upgrade

    Hi gang ... just bought Meself a Merida e160 900e what a beast of a bike ... just a quick one .... I wana bling it up a bit and thinking the hope floating rotors will they fit my saint brakes ??? There’s conflicting people saying yes ... no ... u gotta do this or that , can anyone help out ...
  2. K

    Merida e mountain bike?

    anyone know this bike? a guy I ride with just told me he bought one and will be riding it with the group Monday . I know the manufacturer but have never seen an e mountain bike they make before. I have a specialised 2018 comp carbon fsr & enjoy it.
  3. D

    Merida eone-sixty 900

    I've really got the bug to add one of these to the stable but Merida doesn't sell in the US. I've even tried some UK shops and they say they're sold out. Does anyone actually have one of these? Where did you get it? Feedback?