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    Luna Bikes customer service not the best

    So I finally have enough money to do a conversion. I really wanted to do a mid-drive, but not being mechanically inclined, and the local bike shops wanting a ridiculous amount for the conversion, $500-800 labor only, I wussed out and bought a front hub wheel for $425 off Amazon (Bafang 48V...
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    Luna bikes e-assist fatties

    Trying to e-assist wife's fattie. Anybody try Lunacycles mid mount motors?
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    Luna BBS02

    My wife confiscated my BBS02 hardtail which has a 52V, 10 a-h battery, so I constructed a similar bike in order to ride with her. Already had a mid-80's Schwinn High Sierra frame (back yard reclamation) and the other parts for assembly including a $400 Luna BBS02. To make a long story short, I...
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    Charging a 36V battery with a Luna 48V charger set at 80%

    I wonder if it would be safe to charge a 36V Li-ion battery with a Luna 48V Li-ion battery charger set at 80%. The 48V Luna charger will charge a 48V battery to 54.6V when set at 100%. 54.6V multiplied by .8 = 43.68V. The 36V battery should be fully charged at 42V. The 36V battery has a BMS...
  5. sikk ultra wolf ebike motor.jpg

    sikk ultra wolf ebike motor.jpg

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    Norco Indie Build with BBS02 from Lunacycle

    I've been longing for building a mid drive 10 years back when I purchased my first ebike wheel from Currie. When I read about the BBS02 a couple of months prior, I knew I needed to get hold of one, sadly I requested one from another merchant and paid in excess of 2x the sum that Lunacycle is...