1. W

    Kona Honzo ESD + Bafang BBSHD?

    My dream build would be the Honzo ESD with the BBSHD but before I pull the trigger on buying the frame (I plan to go 42t Bling Ring or an Eclipse ring with 8 or 9 speed cassette) , is there any issues you could see arising like intrusive chainstays? The frame bottom bracket is threaded 73mm and...
  2. R

    Kona Remote 160 remove speed limiter

    How to disable speed limiter on kona 160 remote?
  3. ebank

    kona remote 160 blinking power button / wont run

    have a kona remote 160 , power button blinks but wont fire up power to run motor and dash wont come on either!! has anyone had this problem and remedy or suggestions?
  4. S

    Kona Remote 160 first ride review

    Got out for my first ride on this beauty today. I got it last Friday but it wouldn’t turn on so had to take it to the LBS who fortunately is a Shimano center. Just a firmware update and everything was functional. Quick 1 hr 20 minute jaunt...mostly singletrack, some sandy fireroad, a little...
  5. C

    New Kona Remote-Ctrl

    Has anyone seen these? It's very long and slack but I'm puzzled by the 485mm chain stays. All of the competing brand e-bikes around here are ranging between 426 and 455mm. Are there any other e-bikes with super long chain stays like this, and what is the purpose/effect of it? All of the other...