1. F

    1000w scooter LITERALLY almost killed me, so I bought Keteles k800 2000w bike

    I paid $1100 for this scooter Circooter Raptor 14 months ago. It's designed to go off-road so i used it like it was meant to be used! The FRAME broke in half after jumping a curb at 25mph. I was wearing a helmet but still had a concussion, fractured 2 ribs, broke my elbow, damaged my wrist and...
  2. Jls78

    LD 606db display manual (keteles k800)

    Hello to all, My bike arrived a few days ago but I’m having trouble finding the display manual. The display on the front says it’s an ld606 I took a picture of the back for extra information. Thnx in advance.
  3. H

    Just got my new Keteles K800 Dual Motor E-bike - Yolin Display Codes?

    Just got my new Keteles K800 Dual Motor E-bike, I have a Yolin Display. what do these mean and what they do. here is a list of the P codes: P01=003 P02=000 P03=048 P04=010 P05=005 P06=29.0 P07=086 P08=100 P09=000 P10=002 P11=001 P12=005 P13=005 P14=012 P15=? P16=002 P17 = 00 P18 =01 Thanks in...
  4. I81ICU812

    Greetings from the South Shire of Vermont.

    That's me, Adam, with the new Keteles K800, 1kW rear-hub motor, 17.5Ah battery e-bike my wife bought me. My first. I know bikes, and it's pretty well built. Decent accessories. I've gotten it up to near 29 mph on PAS 5. I intend for it to be a town cruiser with some light trail jaunts, but this...