1. Cdoogs

    IdeaPlay p-10 plus factory reset?

    How am I able to factory reset my idea play p-10 plus screen because it’s all messed up and the bike is under preforming Someone please help me out
  2. G

    IdeaPlay - Battery shows full but throttle does not make it move

    Battery says full but throttle does not engage the tires
  3. P10+

    Key Switch/Lock, LCD Status Screen, Twist throttle wiring - IdeaPlay P10 Plus

    I have a 36 volt 350 watt IdeaPlay P10 Plus folding ebike I recently purchased for $100 on FaceBook marketplace. It had a not fully broken twist throttle but after my first ride it was non-functional. After 2 days of searching and only seeing my exact type of lcd screen/key switch/lock...