1. Tauryu

    Electricity is definitely in the air

    Greetings! I have a Heybike Mars (not the 2.0). I've had mine for about 2 years, I think. I seen a coworker with one and I thought it was cool. She had a Sailnovo. I live and commute around Baltimore, MD. I tried to sell the ebike I have when it had only 600 miles on it but no luck. I want a...
  2. Heybike guy

    Hey bike mars 1.0 upgrades ?

    Hey guys new to the e-bike world and just purchased my first hey bike mars 1.0 it’s been awesome! Had it a couple months now and I’m ready to upgrade it and try to get more power and speed out of it was hoping someone here had a build already or maybe some recommendations for the right hub...
  3. lemur

    HeyBike Mars 2.0 issue

    I just got a HeyBike Mars 2.0 and I'm having a bit of trouble assembling it. I'm wondering if any other owners can help. The problem is the front fender. The instructions say to attach the two support arms near the axle, and then screw in the tab at the top of the fork where the headlight...
  4. biggercanoe

    Heybike Hauler

    This is new, to me at least: https://www.heybike.com/collections/fat-tire-bikes/products/hauler The specs look pretty good for the price!
  5. Mysery

    Heybike Customer Service

    My wife has a Heybike Cityrun that was purchased in August 2023. Around the 1st of May it could not be turned on using the display controls. I downloaded their app to my phone and was able to turn the bike on and off but that was it, I could not change display functions or PAS levels. I sent...
  6. F

    Heybike Racemax - "E-34" code???

    I've had the Heybike Racemax for a month. My son tipped the bike over around a dirt turn. Currently there is an "E 34" code on the display. The bikes pedal assist works but not the throttle. We purchased two bikes at the same time so I was able to disconnect the throttle from my other bike...
  7. T

    Heybike Ranger S Handlebars

    Newby needing help with handlebar install on new Heybike Ranger S. Assembly instructions are horrendous. Is the aluminum "hub" removed and discarded or does the handlebar slide over it? Conflicting information out there.....
  8. A

    Need help with Heybike Mars drivetrain

    Pretty sure this is not electric/motor related. When I pedal in the two highest gears, it feels like the cassette is skipping. It happens several times per rotation and allows the crank to spin 1/4 turn, while not putting power to the rear wheel. It's very consistent and started happening all...
  9. DuanePressley

    Heybike race Max - How to set power assist level voltage and factory reset settings?

    Heybike race Max display settings three button controls middle button "M". How to set power assist level voltage and factory reset settings?
  10. A

    HeyBike Race Max - Sudden and Randon Acceleration

    The Heybike was sitting on its stand, switched on but no one was touching the bike. and nothing else was touching the throttle. The motor switched on without warning and the bike accelerated uncontrollably off the stand before falling over. Bike has been undamaged and not out in the wet...
  11. R

    Intro from Central California

    Hey all. Proud owner of a brand-new Heybike Race, which I got for much more money than expected after some Amz screw-ups. Enjoying it a lot though, and have some questions that I hope finding answers. Off to searching through the archives!
  12. J

    Changed Crank Set on Heybike Mars

    Wanted to share my crank set replacement on my new Heybike Mars. I ride on paved streets with occasional hills. Even with the highest gear ratio I thought I was pedaling too fast. Purchased a larger (56 tooth vs. 48 tooth) CYSKY crank set on Amazon and replaced it with help from a couple of...
  13. P

    Tires & Tubes Street Tires For A City Ebike

    I'm a city dweller and haven't ridden any of the ebikes I've owned over the last four years on anything but paved streets. My bikes have hardly ever touched grass. Yet all of my bikes have come with knobby tires. I got tired of the constant buzz of the knobbies on the road. So, for my latest...
  14. P

    Heybike Explore

    Anybody else bought the new Heybike Explore? I took delivery on one four days ago and have ridden it as much as I could take in the Minnesota cold and rain of October. I've decided that It's too big for me or I'm too small for it. In my prime I used to be 5ft 11 but at 86 years old I find I've...
  15. N

    2023 HeyBike Mars -- slow and won't go more than 15MPH (new controller display)

    I just took delivery of a new HeyBike Mars (2023) with the new controller Problem is it is extremely slow. Cannot get it to go more than 15 MPH before it will back off on the electric motor What I have done already: 1. Verified wheel diameter. It shipped with the wheel diameter set to 23"...
  16. L

    Hey bike City Run

    New Hey Bike—City Run model. Fully assembled but rear hydrolic disk brakes are locked on. Is there a simple fix or is it an adjustment problem. Feels like there is so sort of clip inserted that needs removal thanks
  17. O

    New type of display on the heybike mars

    Hi everybody, I am a new ebike rider and I recently bought two heybike Mars models. I am having trouble with the display and settings, I've been looking at youtube videos for help, but they are all using the previous style of display and I have not seen anyone acknowledge that there is a new...
  18. P

    Heybike Pannier Problems

    I'm losing my mind over this. Just got a Heybike Ranger with an included waterproof pannier bag. When attempting to install it, I found the pannier is so deep that the bottom slaps against the gears while in motion. Is that a bug or a feature? Am I just an idiot and there's some clever...
  19. Smaug

    Sold (WI) heybike Ranger - Class 3 fat-tired folder

    I bought an Aventon and am looking to sell my trusty Ranger. It's got less than 500 miles on it and is reliable and fun, I just have no need for the fat tires and would prefer better efficiency so that electric power isn't always needed. The only problem with it is that the brakes squeak. I...
  20. MattBrawn

    HeyBike Brawn - pros and cons

    Recently I purchased a HeyBike Brawn. Mostly good things to say because it does what I need it to do. Pros: It's fast. Up to 28mph if the battery is fully charged (52v). I love how it looks. It had the cool factor without having to build one from various...