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    Happyrun G50 - maxspeed only 16 MPH

    Hi, I have bought an Happyrun G50 (website Tomtop.com, Europe) and received it some days ago. Tried it, and love the bike but it only go maximum 16 MPH with a fully charged battery and when I have position 3 (max) on the throttle?! Do You know or think this product is configure for Europe use...
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    new rider with happyrun ebike

    Hi Group. Just purchased a happyrun bike and loving the fell of being young again. Hope to absorb some knowledge. My name is Ray (y)
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    Paid for 750W, motor says 500W - Happyrun

    Hello group. I bought a happy run e-bike and advertisement says 750 Watt motor Well I looked at hub motor and its reads 500W. E-mails company and they say its a 750 Watt. Any opinions on actual Watts?