1. J

    GoTrax F1 accessories

    Any good sites where i can find accessories for GoTrax F1? Gotrax site does not offer many options.
  2. J

    GoTrax F1 - display

    We have two F1. The battery display for the 1st F1 is off because, after about 1 mile, it drops 4 bars while the 2nd F1 still shows full bar. we thought maybe the battery was not fully charged. We charged both batteries and then swapped them. still, the 1st F1 display drops 4 bars after 1 mile...
  3. J

    Gotrax F1 tire pressure

    what is the proper tire pressure for GoTrax F1?? The user manual says between 40-60 PSI, whereas searching online it mentions to use the number on the tire which says 35 PSI? i contacted GoTrax support and they said to go by the manual. i try both 35 and 40 PSI, and 35 PSI is a better ride...
  4. J

    Gotrax EBE2 how to set the torque sensitivity?

    Hi! On Gotrax EBE2, the setting of the torque sensitivity is set on 3. the reaction is too long. How can i set it on 00 digit.
  5. N

    Gotrax F1 buy

    Purchased a Gotrax F1 on August 5th and received it a month later on September 5th. The experience was a nightmare but the bike does seem to be pretty nice (first e-bike I have ever owned. The bike came packaged really nice and secured with only a few minor blemishes were the paint was scratched...

    GOTRAX F-Series is Here.

    Our first product overview is here as well for the F1 Electric Bike. We will have unboxing's and video overviews uploaded soon. We have a few new e-bikes coming this year that I am excited about. I personally got to ride the F1 on our photoshoot trip to AZ and it was awesome. Would recommend to...

    GoTrax Shift S2

    Our most Compact E-Bike Yet! - Unboxing&Overview video coming soon!
  8. Videolester

    Can't stop "walk mode" - GoTrax EBE2

    I have a GoTrax EBE2 Ebike. Question: When I hold the button for "walk mode" it will not disengage when I release the button. The only way I can get the bike to cease forward motion is to quickly return to "0" pedal assist. I'm not sure if this is normal for this model or not. I attempted to...

    Hello from GOTRAX

    Hello, I am here to represent the GOTRAX electric scooter and e-bike company. Ideally, I can use this platform to to promote GOTRAX's products and learn from the e-bike community to improve our customer experience both pre- and post-purchase. If anyone ever has any questions about GOTRAX or...
  10. F

    Gotrax ebike light won't come on

    Like the title says, light won't work since i put a new S830 speedo on it.. with the OEM it does still work.. but the newer unlocked one it doesn't..also tried another speedo screen, an SW900.. same result. I assume it's a gotrax thing only? Anyway to make the light work ? Regards,