1. S

    LCD Controller Display for Emojo Caddy Trike

    I'm in need of a new LCD Display Controller for my Emojo Caddy Trike. The "start" button fell off. How do I go about purchasing one? Thank you.
  2. C

    Just got into the electric stuff - Emojo Caddy Pro

    My new Caddy Pro
  3. yogi

    Emojo caddy throttle replacement

    I'm looking for some advice on a replacement for my emojo caddy throttle.The throttle on my emojo caddy recently stop working. I have ordered two Replacements from Amazon but have received the wrong connections both times.
  4. D

    Any users of the Emojo Carry Hitch trike carrier?

    If so, how is it to carry a fat tire etrike? Easy to install? Fold? Any tips? Thanks
  5. T

    Brand New Emojo Bike Wildcat Pro 500 for sale

    Hey everyone, I live in Peru, South America. I am not able to ship this here now due to the rise in shipping costs worldwide from supply chain issues. The bike is brand new in the box, has never been opened and is at a relatives house in Indiana. I want $1500 for it. They go for $1649 on the...
  6. Randroid

    New to e-trikes - Emojo Caddy Pro

    Hello from NW Arizona. Riding an Emojo Caddy Pro. Trikes takes some safe practice if you haven't driven one.