1. A

    2 Electra cruiser bikes with fenders and two trek bikes. I need a hitch rack.

    I have two Electra cruisers with Fenders and a Trek 29er and a 24” trek that all need to go one a hitch mount rack. Any suggestions? Cruisers weigh 55 lbs each. The other two are 35 lbs and under. I have a truck with a 2” receiver.
  2. C

    Electra Townie 7D with Bafang Mid Drive

    Decided it was time to build the bike I have always wanted for Burning Man and home. I am certain that I will have plenty of questions. Just Ordered a Bafang Mid Drive BBSO and 48V 17.5 AH battery to get started on my Electra Townie 7D. Can't wait to get started! Canyon
  3. E

    Help! Tech Townie Electra 7 speed step through

    Hello, I bought a Tech Townie 'electra' 7 speed ...step through. It was once stolen and stripped. I have piece by piece put it back together. I am into it about 400 bucks (and a lot of time) The battery is still missing, and the price of the "factory replacement" is a deal breaker. I intended to...
  4. wmartin1949

    Electra Townie Commute Go! 8i - $2,000 (Lake Saint Louis Missouri)

    Go to this video and watch where they review the Electra Townie Commute Go! 8i. I have this color. Go To Facebook Marketplace to view posting https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1487528198294705/ Summary A feature-rich electric bike that blends commuting utility and efficiency with...