1. B

    Wallke H7 or eahora Juliet ?

    Anyone on here have any input ? I’m looking at the wallke H7 40ah either single motor or dual motor. I’ll most likely go with the dual motor… unless there are reasons not to. Or the standard Eahora Juliet with the massive 60ah. I’m interested in these bikes specifically due to the full...
  2. G

    Problems with Amazon and China - Eahora Cupid

    Just bought a Eahora Cupid, and the it was delivered with flat tires. I replaced the tube, and the tire popped its bead. Inspection showed the bead is also broken, and I know the company reimbursed me for the tube, but has to see about the Compass tire. It is a 20"x 3.0" and the rim is 12"x...
  3. hokyplaya1

    Eahora hub motor replacement

    I have an Eahora x7 with a 48 volt 750 watt motor on it and its failing. i want to replace it but the manufacturer has told me they have no stock left and i would have to order from china and it would take 2 months by sea to get it. Can i just buy another hub motor with same specs and use it? or...
  4. L

    Eahora Rurui Aurochs XT10 computer

    Is there a manual for the Eahora Rurui Aurochs XT10 computer display, and how to get into submenu's?
  5. K

    New Guy, New Eahora X7 Plus eBike!!

    What is going on peoples? I am brand new to the Ebike scene and brand new to the forums. I have only seen one thread about the brand of bike I have so I figured to introduce myself and share what I have. I'm a Field Engineer at Intel in Chandler AZ. and have been in Arizona for almost 4 years...
  6. B

    A NEW GUY - Eahora Ebike

    Sup all. New to the forum and to e-bikes. Waiting for my eAhora now. Figured I'd get a jump on any mods I can do now as I wait.