1. B

    Virginia Newbie - Pedego or E-Lux?

    Hello All! So excited to own an e-bike. I rented a Pedago a few years back and loved the experience. Will be moving to VA Beach part-time and want an e-bike for commuting to stores and restaurants, riding the boardwalk AND checking out easy trails in the state parks near the beach. I am...
  2. LovelyNancy

    Just got my first E-Bike and I’m terrified….

    Of having it stolen. I just bought an E Lux Malibu GT step thru. This is my first electric bike. I don’t know how I went this long without realizing how awesome e bikes are. Some friends recently talked to me about how much they loved theirs. I have a motorcycle, so I guess I’ve kind of looked...
  3. A

    Looking at an eLux Tahoe for our first ebike.

    Looking at an eLux Tahoe for our first ebikes. Anyone know about them?
  4. J

    e-lux tahoe sport review?

    Does anyone own a e-lux tahoe sport? Looking at it as a next purchase and was wondering if its a good fit for someone thats 6'4''?
  5. P

    E-LUX Folding bikes review

    We are very happy with our folding E-Bikes from E-LUX!
  6. C

    E-LUX beach cruiser breakfast!

    Nothing better than an early morning cruise to breakfast on our E-LUX beach cruisers. Nothing beats E-LUX fat tires!