1. johnnynovac

    Commencal Meta Power HT ebike - convert to twist throttle

    hi to all id like to convert to twist throttle - whats my options please cheers
  2. Slick666

    Meta power sx 2020 not switching on

    Hi I’ve been away for 3 weeks and when I wanted to go for a ride my bike wouldn’t switch on, I put it back on charge as I thought maybe the battery was run down but after a few hours I checked and still nothing. Any ideas what might be wrong?
  3. 8

    Which EMTB? SC Bullet vs. Meta Power 27 vs Levo vs Kenevo

    I am new to this E bike thing and trying to figure out what I need. The bike I ride most is a 2004 Santa Cruz Bullet with lots of upgrades. I love downhill, Pacifica, UCSC, Carlmont and up around Tahoe. One of the main reasons for the E bike is my special needs son. He loves riding but does...
  4. S

    Commencal Meta Power 29 to 27.5?

    Meta power 29 to 27.5? Anyone know if the power 29 can be long shocked and run with 27.5 wheels? Or maybe as 29/27.5 with 160mm rear travel?
  5. H

    New Commencal Meta Power 29 and Meta Power SX Commencal has revealed their 2020 eMTB platforms, a 27.5 and a 29 inch. Both are listed as September availability. They usually have three or four build levels of each model, they currently only show one of each: Meta Power SX : Alloy...
  6. C

    Shimano bt8014 battery compatibility with Commencal Meta Power

    Hi, found a good deal on a shimano bt8014 415wt battery that i would like to use as a back up for my commencal meta power . Not much info on if the bt8014 is compatable with a e8010 battery mount which the meta has. Anybody know? Also do you think there will be a big difference between a 415wt...
  7. W

    My review of the Commencal Meta Power

    This bike left a huge impression on me. If you love flow trails and tight corners, you should give one of these a try!
  8. F

    Tires & Tubes 3.0" tyres on a Commencal Meta Power?

    I use the Suomi Fat Freddie which is a true 3.0" (75mm) for winter riding. I'm considering the Meta Power, if it can take 3.0" tyres. All the 2.8" Plus ebikes I've tried will take the 3.0" Suomi, but the Meta Power is a 2.6" bike. Anyone tried? If the bike has a 27.5 fork, not a 29/27.5+ then I...
  9. P

    Commencal Meta Power Reviews

    These bikes have been available for awhile now but there doesn’t seem to be much feedback from real riders. I’m hoping to demo one before commencal moves out of CA. For those of you interested you can borrow one from the factory. They’re in Carlsbad, CA for a couple more weeks before...