1. J

    Bulls New Copperhead EVO AM 2.0 or used Bulls E-Stream Evo 45 AM

    I am considering a new Copperhead 2.0 or a used (demo) Evo 45 AM. The savings for the used bike is about $800 but I'm not counting some of shiny things that may be on it having a little more value at no added cost. What is the main reason to go with the EVO 45 Am?
  2. R

    Problem removing Schwalbe Tire on Bulls Cross Lite Evo Diamond

    I am a newby and I have a 2020 Bulls CrossLite bike with Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires that I want to change due to wear. I have tried to remove the tires in the same as I have done with every other bike with a tube that I have owned, but I am unable to get a tire lever under the bead. I don't...
  3. T

    Bulls E Stream key

    Looking for a replacement battery key for a 2020 Bulls E stream Evo AM 4. I bought the bike from my brother and he might have the key. Anyone have a picture of what it should look like?
  4. D

    Bulls e-bike display

    Trying to find a couple of parts for my 2021 bulls e-stream evo am4. My Bloks 14d display is defective and the company went out of business so bulls tech support suggested replacing it with a brose allaround display which I found but I’m not able to find the adapter cable( bmz 34397-1 ) and I’ll...
  5. J

    Bulls Ecore Evo Di2 For Sale

    Hello, $5,000 or best offer. Located in Beacon NY.
  6. jonrob

    Motor Noise Merida E8000?

    Hi John From Australia I have three e mtbs,Merida E8000 160 carbon,Merida E5000 Alloy frame and Bulls E Core evo Am1 twin core the e160 has 9500ks the E5000 has 4500ks and the Bulls has 550ks.all with same motor E8000 Shimano and bothe Meridas have half the motor noise of the Bulls E Core...
  7. jonrob

    2020 Bulls e-stream evo am1 parts?

    I have a 2020 bulls e-stream evo am1 and live in Australia, at the moment trying to track down some parts including a twin-core battery any idea where to buy parts as the main website is not keen to communicate with me?
  8. Commuter Ron

    Battery Will not eject - 2022 Bulls Urban

    Hi Foks! I have a new 2022 Bulls Urban. For some reason when I turn the key the battery will not drop out of its latched position? Has anyone had this problem?
  9. C

    Battery replacement question/issue - Bulls Cross Lite-E

    Hello - I have a 2017 Cross Lite-E with a Bosch PowerPack 500 battery. At purchase, I had a projected range of 94 miles in Eco mode. Now that battery has degraded (113.5 full cycle charges so that my projection is 53 miles. Logical enough! I recently purchased a new Bosch PowerPack 500...
  10. J

    Bulls Green Mover - Akku An - Help required

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone can help me I bought a 2nd hand Bulls Green Mover eBike a few years ago and has worked perfectly until recently. I think it is a 2011 model, I has a display and a 3 button controller as shown in the photos. Having spoken the UK’s agent for Bulls spares it appears...
  11. R

    Need my new Bulls Sentinel 2.0 with Bosch gen 4 to go faster. Tuning kit?

    Anyone know why my Bulls Sentinel 2.0 will not go any faster than 28mph with a speedbox3B tuner installed. blue Tooth works, I just can not set max mph. It’s stuck at factory settings. Thanks
  12. M

    Honda Stealership Bulls Ebike 2+ months wait on repair

    A friend of mine bought a $4000 ebike fat trike from the Honda stealership, Bulls ebike. He had a crash and at first they wanted $1000 for repairs with no real inspection, just eyeball it. The stealership gave into a warranty repair. The stealership sent the hub wheel off to Ontario and its now...
  13. Scubamike

    For sale: 2 (his & her) Bulls Monster E FS bikes

    I have moved to Florida and no longer have any mtb bike trails to ride so I'm selling two 2017 Bulls Monster E FS bikes. Perfect condition, very little use. Each sold for $5,450 new. For sale at $4,250 each. They are taking up room in my garage so I'll consider offers. Contact me at...
  14. R

    Bulls Monster E FS - Anyone Have / Rode One?

    https://www.bullsebikes.com/product/monster-e-fs-3/ Okay, truth be told, I already pulled the trigger. It's mostly for my son as he builds fitness for the hills. It should allow him to keep up with me on the hills and allow for us to do bigger / longer days. I rode a cheap-o e-MTB in...
  15. F

    Haibike vs Bulls?

    Been out of the biking scene for 13 years so specking out a bike isn't easy. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 bikes. https://www.haibikeusa.com/xduro-allmtn-2-0-4597.html https://www.bullsbikesusa.com/e-stream-evo-45-am.html Both are around $5000 but 2 different motors. I really want a...
  16. E

    Bulls 2018 - dual battery

    The 2018 Bulls with Shimano motor use an interesting dual battery system (fully integrated in the frame) for a total of 750 Wh. http://ebike-mtb.com/bulls-e-mountainbike-2018/
  17. L

    Another great vid on the Bulls Brose Motor pulling a steep climb....

    Another great vid on the Bulls Brose Motor pulling a steep climb....
  18. P

    Review Bulls E-stream EVO FS 3 27.5 (By Owner)

    Here she is So having "jumped" on the ebike parade. I picked up my brand spanking new Bulls ebike. Initial observations - Brose Motor is super quiet and it has loads of torque (90nm per company specs) - Stealthy. Battery placement is designed right on the downtube. Doesnt attract unwanted...