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    Bulls Monster E FS - Anyone Have / Rode One?

    https://www.bullsebikes.com/product/monster-e-fs-3/ Okay, truth be told, I already pulled the trigger. It's mostly for my son as he builds fitness for the hills. It should allow him to keep up with me on the hills and allow for us to do bigger / longer days. I rode a cheap-o e-MTB in...
  2. Bulls E-stream EVO FS 3.jpg

    Bulls E-stream EVO FS 3.jpg

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    Haibike vs Bulls?

    Been out of the biking scene for 13 years so specking out a bike isn't easy. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 bikes. https://www.haibikeusa.com/xduro-allmtn-2-0-4597.html https://www.bullsbikesusa.com/e-stream-evo-45-am.html Both are around $5000 but 2 different motors. I really want a...
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    Bulls 2018 - dual battery

    The 2018 Bulls with Shimano motor use an interesting dual battery system (fully integrated in the frame) for a total of 750 Wh. http://ebike-mtb.com/bulls-e-mountainbike-2018/
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    Review Bulls E-stream EVO FS 3 27.5 (By Owner)

    Here she is So having "jumped" on the ebike parade. I picked up my brand spanking new Bulls ebike. Initial observations - Brose Motor is super quiet and it has loads of torque (90nm per company specs) - Stealthy. Battery placement is designed right on the downtube. Doesnt attract unwanted...