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    Bosch performance line CX switches off

    Hi, I have a bike with Nyon display and Bosch performance line Cx motor from 2016 - it has about 3000km. Over the last few weeks, it has started to have problems with speed reading - it drops to zero during the ride, and then the motor switches off. Sometimes also Nyon switches off. It works...
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    Protection for Bosch CX motor spindle

    On my Nutrail the drive gear is offset and there is a gap exposing the driveshaft and casing to crud and water. ( I haven't looked at other 'normal' sprocket set ups). I purchased a soft rubber pipe grommet from a local plumbers merchant that I then trimmed down to fill the gap and overlap the...
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    US source for chainring for Bosch with 5mm offset for Plus/Boost

    I have a Haibike with 27.5x3.0" tires and a Bosch Performance CX motor. To prevent the chain from hitting the tire when it is on the largest cog, Haibike made a custom chainring that spaces the front chainring out 5 mm or so, and has an integrated chainguard/chainguide. It works great, except...
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    Bosch CX motor maintanance, greasing & what are the holes on the frame?

    Hello everyone. I have Scott e-genius 710 2017 bike with Bosch CX motor and I could not find anything about maintenance of outer parts. Do I have to lube that exposed part on right side of the motor near the crank set? And what are those two holes on the frame on-top of the motor? Should I...
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    Bosch cx small chainring

    Looking at Haibikes on sale the xduro models have the Bosch cx with 18 tooth chainring in front, in conjunction with up to 42 tooth gear in back. My question is, is this accurate? Because it seems like this would give extremely good low end gear range for climbing steeps, but would limit high end.
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    Bosch CX eMTB mode - Nice

    If you have an eMTB with the Bosch Performance CX motor, and it was produced before mid-2017, you probably do not have the eMTB mode. They way you tell is that the display will briefly show "eMTB" just after you switch to Sport mode. Your dealer should be able to do the upgrade for you in...
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    bosch cx update "Emtb"

    Im thinking of updating my bosch cx motor to the latest firmware which enables the "emtb" mode. Ive installed the speedbox2. Any of you guys know if the tuning still will work? Is there anyone else who has updated and and have speedbox2 who tryed this?
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    Has anyone tried the recent Bosch CX firmware update?

    Apparently the update converts the Sport mode to automatically give assist from 120 to 300 percent as the torque and cadence demand. I am 150 miles from a Bosch dealer that can do the update and am curious how well received the firmware update is Thanks High road 2
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    Should Have Made The Move Years Ago!

    64 year old male with decades of road bike experience. 6 ft tall / 230 lbs. Over the years I’ve completed 3 double centuries, and numerous regular century rides, along with thousands of miles of regular old street or bike path riding. All my riding has been recreational though, never racing...