1. T

    Testing Bafang BBS01 motor windings

    Hi Anyone know what the motor windings resistance readings should be for the BBS01 About to replace a blown controller and just covering all bases. Thanks
  2. Jamiefellows89

    Motor grinding stopped to find no grease - BBS01B

    Hi ive had this motor for 2 weeks or so an done less than 400 miles an this problem has been since day one I've posted many places for many opinions, I stripped it today because I had enough of customer service keep saying grease it yet once I stripped it I've found there's no grease at all on...
  3. marshall2389

    Bafang BBS01b low power with low cutoff cadence

    I've had this motor for 2.5 years and it's worked very well. In the last few days it has been acting funny. Half the time I turn it on I get no assist. The display reads full battery voltage, but no assist. The other half of the times the assist will kick in. However, it's only providing about...
  4. V

    More power by upgrading BBS01 from 36V to 48V controller?

    Hello, I have a BBS01 with a 36V controller and battery, but I am after more power and it is coming time to replace the battery. My question - Is it safe for the motor if I upgrade to a 48V controller and battery?
  5. F

    Bafang BBS01 8-Pin Wiring Diagram

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Bafang BBS01 ebike Kit? I'm wanting the pin configuration to connect serial communication of the 8 pin connector which goes to the controller. Thanks!
  6. J

    What does BBSHD, BBS02 & BBS01 stand for?

    I've been trying to figure out what the Bafang drive system names actually mean. What does BBSHD and BBS02 & BBS01 actually stand for on the Bafang motors?