1. N

    Headlight won't turn off on Aostirmotor Hero

    First time buyer of aostirmotor hero. Worked great for a month. Suddenly the headlight won't turn off. It shows on and off on the display. I unplugged the light and have to plug it in when I need it. Any help is appreciated.
  2. S

    Need help!! Can not fix my aostirmotor code 20h

    My aostirmotor 1500 watt display says throttle abnormal error 20h
  3. D

    Brand new Aostirmotor A20 broke after slightly forcing it

    I’ve a new Aostirmotor A20 e-bike. First time when I was riding it up the mountain (not a very steep one) the bike stopped working, both throttle and pedals assist mode. I started disconnecting and connecting all the wires trying to find out whether something went loose. It didn’t help though...
  4. D

    Aostirmotor S07 sudden acceleration

    I recently completed assembly of a Aostirmotor S07. When test riding the bike there is a sudden acceleration when I began to pedal with the PAS set to 1 or higher. I can reach 10 MPH in a very short stretch of road. I have ridden other similar fat tire bikes such as RAD and Cyrusher. All have...
  5. MKEDougie

    AOSTIRMOTOR S18 - Water Bottle?

    Has anyone found a place on this bike to mount a water bottle? I love the curved design on these bikes but not practical for mounting gear.
  6. P

    Aostirmotor display reset to factory

    My son has been playing around with the display settings and we think he changed some of the required factory settings. Anybody know how to reset these or if not, where can I find the original settings?
  7. M

    Aostirmotor S18 1500w Throttle Abnormal Error 20H (after I got it wet)

    Howdy. I'm new to the forum. I have had an Aostirmotor S18 1500w for about 10 months, it has about 2700 miles. Love the bike. They said not to get it wet, but I got it wet. Got caught in a rainstorm about a week ago. Five days later I got a throttle abnormal error. 20H. Bike tends to wanna go...
  8. Scott Pellinger

    Shorter Crank Arms for the Aostirmotor S17?

    I recently purchased an Aostirmotor S17. I have short legs and would like to swap in shorter crank arms for the ones that came from the factory. Are there any shorter crank arms that will simply bolt on without any modification to the bike or crank arms?
  9. A

    how to destroy a ebike from aostirmotor

    we still wonder that if we can make a ebike which never be destroyed, so we need some one to help us to make a video on our ebike S18, of course free sample will be send Aostirmotor S18 full-suspension fat tire electric bike review
  10. A

    Hi nice to join this family - Aostirmotor ebike

    we are aostirmotor ebike, a new brand,have a nice day
  11. J

    Help troubleshooting a new Aostirmotor G-PLUS S1

    Received my brand new AOSTIMOTOR G-PLUS S1 YESTERDAY .I assembled IT And the motor never soon as pedal I get an ERROR 36 on the display.Battery was charged overnight.shows full charge.i have unplugged,inspected all pins And re plugged all connectors. While hand brake sensors were...
  12. Z

    Hey folks! How do you get into Aostirmotor S18 Advanced Settings?

    New member here. Got an Aiostirmotor S181500 watt and a 8000 watt violamart framed build. Does anyone know how to unlock the speed limiter on an Aostirmotors S18 1500watt ebike? I have tried to get in to the display but no button pressing combination works. My sw990 display on my other bike is...