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  1. J

    Final version of my custom ebike build with trailer

    Found a off road motorcycle bag that fits the 48 volt battery perfectly. Put together a not to cheesy looking controller mount made from wood and mounted to the water bottle mounts. Weight distribution much better since getting rid of the rear rack crap. Bike weighs 40 lbs.
  2. ebikesforum

    48 Volt Nominal Voltage Chart for Ebike Batteries

    A 48v battery is fully charged at 54.6v. The low voltage cutoff is around 39v. It is best not to discharge more than 80% of the capacity for good cycle life. 80% DOD is around 43v depending on cell chemistry. Li-ion has a flat discharge curve. The voltage will drop from 54.6v down to 50v fairly...
  3. 20200506_222251.jpg


    Building the Fat Rat. Over-engineered for an extra-heavy rider.
  4. A

    48v 1200W Front and rear lights

    I want to install front and rear lights on my bike 48v 1200W. Can you advise what light models are compatible? I want something like this - with turning signals...
  5. F

    Charging a 36V battery with a Luna 48V charger set at 80%

    I wonder if it would be safe to charge a 36V Li-ion battery with a Luna 48V Li-ion battery charger set at 80%. The 48V Luna charger will charge a 48V battery to 54.6V when set at 100%. 54.6V multiplied by .8 = 43.68V. The 36V battery should be fully charged at 42V. The 36V battery has a BMS...
  6. Jaybriault

    Bafang 48v 750w rear hub kit

    Looking for some info on my new kit it didn't come with instructions on setup its wired up but don't have battery yet it's on the way. I did have a 12v battery and got the display working but it comes up with error code 30h any one have any information about this kit thanks
  7. E

    For Sale: Li-Ion Battery Pack 48V 10.5Ah 500w output, Metal Enclosure, For E-Bikes, E-Sk8

    80$ per battery w/ 15$ shipping (which covers up to 6 batteries; after 15$ to ship another bundle of up to 6) Batteries may be purchased individually as well. Condition: Discharged and Re-Charged less than 20 times. May have some scratches on the metal case that do not affect performance...
  8. R

    BPM imports 48v 750w Fat Tire ebike

    At 75 lbs it's heavy but I get about 35-40 miles on pedal assist and about 20-25 all motor. Cost $1,800. I can get 30mph if I set it to a smaller tire in the controller but when set at 26inch tire cuts out at 25mph
  9. M

    48v 500w Currie Tech/TranzX direct drive, spins freely?

    Ok, last shot before I give up and buy a new motor. This worked prior to switching to CAv3. (Old oem system had pas failure that was unrepairable). I am getting power all the way to the internal controller, but cannot figure out the throttle "trigger" input. Tried every wire coming out of the...
  10. V

    More power by upgrading BBS01 from 36V to 48V controller?

    Hello, I have a BBS01 with a 36V controller and battery, but I am after more power and it is coming time to replace the battery. My question - Is it safe for the motor if I upgrade to a 48V controller and battery?
  11. H

    48V ebike battery (max 54.6V) with 48V controller question?

    I am building an ebike kit with a 13S 48V battery made up with 18650 cells. The kit is a rear hub with a 1000W 48V motor. The batteries maximum voltage is 54.6V but the controller is only rated to 48V. I'm wondering whether it is safe to charge the battery to full capacity since the voltage will...
  12. George

    Ebike Battery Dead - 48v 13s4p 18650

    My ebike battery just stopped working it would not take a charge and would not power the bike at all. I disassembled the pack and my connections are fine and the charger is fine. I tested the cells and the cell group 12 is showing 0 volts. The battery is pretty intricate in design, it goes in a...
  13. F

    Ebikeling 700c 48v 1200w geared hub review

    I put an Ebikeling 700c 48v 1200w geared hub kit on my road bike for fun. It's turned into a great bike which will climb hills and take off easily. My first trip was to work and back which is 6 miles each way. The top speed 31.3mph, avg speed 17.2. Total distance 12.63 miles. I have 4 x 12Ah...