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    Happy mothers day! Buildimg a Sicc ebike for my thicc wife
  2. F

    Charging a 36V battery with a Luna 48V charger set at 80%

    I wonder if it would be safe to charge a 36V Li-ion battery with a Luna 48V Li-ion battery charger set at 80%. The 48V Luna charger will charge a 48V battery to 54.6V when set at 100%. 54.6V multiplied by .8 = 43.68V. The 36V battery should be fully charged at 42V. The 36V battery has a BMS...
  3. V

    More power by upgrading BBS01 from 36V to 48V controller?

    Hello, I have a BBS01 with a 36V controller and battery, but I am after more power and it is coming time to replace the battery. My question - Is it safe for the motor if I upgrade to a 48V controller and battery?
  4. D

    Ebikeling 36V 500W GEARED hub motor kit - have one?

    I've been researching GEARED ebike conversion kits & found the Ebikeling 36V 500W GEARED hub motor kit. It looks to be a good value & the Ebikeling team have been outstanding in answering my pre-purchase questions. Can anyone on this forum with this 36V 500W GEARED kit share their experience...
  5. paul

    36v controller cutoff

    I have a 36v hub motor and controller (don't the current rating). I used to have a 36v, 7AH SLA battery pack installed. It works fine until I just upgrade my battery to a 36v, 15AH LiFePO4 battery pack. Everytime when I push the throttle to the maximum, the motor runs about 5 seconds then stops...
  6. ebikesforum

    36V Scooter Battery Packs produced in mass Li-ion 18650

    Rechargeable Li-ion 18650 10S2P 36V battery packs for electric scooters are perfect to use for ebikes.