UK Electric Bicycle Laws

UK Electric Bicycle Laws

Are Electric Bikes Legal In the UK? Can you ride an electric bike on the road in the UK?

Yes. Electric bicycles are legal to ride on the road in the UK as long as they comply with the following:

  • The electric bicycle weighs 40kg or less
  • The motor is rated at 200 watts or less of continuous power output
  • The speed of the electric bicycle when powered does not exceed 15mph
  • The electric bicycle has working pedals
  • The riders is aged 14 or over

Do you need a Drivers License, Insurance or MOT's to ride an Electric Bike in the UK?

No. Electric bicycles are classed different to motor cycles and therefore you do not need a Drivers License, Insurance or MOT's, as long as the electric bike meets the criteria outlined above.

Do you need to wear a motor cycle helmet?

No . You do not need to wear a motorcycle helmet when riding an electric bicycle in the UK.

Do you need to wear a bicycle helmet?

No. A bicycle helmet is not legally required to ride an electric bike in the UK, but it is highly recommended.

Can you travel faster than 15mph?

Yes. As long as you are using pedal power alone. The 15mph maximum speed limit only applies when using the electric motor. A pedal sensor is needed to ensure that the power is cut to the motor when the speed exceeds 15mph.
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