Australian Ebike Laws

Australian Ebike Laws

Are Electric Bikes Legal In Australia? Can you ride an electric bike on the road in Australia?

You can ride an ebike on the road in Australia provided that the axillary motor has:
  • a maximum power output not exceeding 200 watts
Australia now has an additional new ebike category based on the EU's EN15194 standard. This means an e-bike can have a motor of up to:
  • 250W of continuous rated power.
The motor can only be activated by pedalling when above 6 km/h and must cut out if the bike travels faster than 25 km/h. Electric Bicycles that abide to these standards are classed as a normal bicycles.

Do you need a Drivers License, Insurance or Registration to ride an Electric Bike in Australia?

You do not need a drivers license, insurance of registration to ride an electric bicycle on the roads in Australia, as long as the electric motor abides to the criteria mentioned above.
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